Jennifer Truett

Jennifer Truett, US Dressage Federation Gold, Silver and Bronze medalist and has her Gold, Silver and Bronze Freestyle Bars all earned on her personal, self-trained horses.

Here's what Jen had to say about Savvy Feeder

"I feel like I hit the jackpot when I discovered Savvy Slow Hay Feeders!!! I've looked off and on for years for a better way to feed hay to my horses. My precious Dreamy is a dunker and spreader-outer of hay. His two water buckets used to hold practically a half flake of hay each by lunch and then again by night check every day! He would also spread his hay all around his stall looking for the most delicious pieces. I tried every type of hanging slow hay feeder I could find, but I never liked how angry he got at them and how much his neck torqued around trying to get the hay out. Then last year, he got cast in the paddock in Florida and made his neck sore and I stopped using all types of hanging feeders. Ever since then, I've searched the internet for ground slow-feed hay feeders so that he could eat his hay in a natural "grazing" position. My issue was that it had to be completely safe, because if anyone could put a foot in something, it would be Dreamy! I came across the Savvy Feeders and was completely sold! I've bought one for each of my farm's dry lot paddocks and HIGHLY recommend them to anyone looking for a natural, safe, and non-wasteful way to feed hay. I just wish Lenny and I had come up with this idea and design's brilliant!"